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  • There’s nothing quite like the smell of birthday cake. The "Let Them Eat Cake" Birthday Candle captures this delightful aroma perfectly. The candle smells so good that you might be tempted to eat it, but please don't! With the strong scent of buttercream frosting and vanilla cake, this candle effortlessly transforms any room into a festive party space in no time.

    Crafted with a natural white soy wax blend, this 8 oz. candle burns for 25-40+ hours, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. Each candle is hand-poured in Harlem, NY, into a reusable and recyclable glass jar with a sleek black lid.


    Scent Notes:

    • Top Notes: Almond, Caramel
    • Middle Notes: Cream, Honey, Pink Hawthorn
    • Base Notes: Vanilla

    Light the "Let Them Eat Cake" luxury candle to infuse your home with the irresistible scent of a freshly baked birthday cake. Perfect for celebrations or whenever you want to add a touch of sweetness and festivity to your space.



    • Natural Soy White Soy Wax Blend
    • 8 oz. Candle Burns 25-40+ Hours
    • Hand Poured in Harlem, NY
    • Reusable and Recyclable Glass Jar with Black Lid

    Let Them Eat Cake

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