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Associated with the Root Chakra as well as the Heart Chakra, Bloodstone crystal acts both as a grounding crystal as well as the remover of emotional blockage from heart. The combination of green and red hues in the stone provides emotional support during times of extreme difficulty - nourishing feelings of worth, self-confidence and self-sufficiency. Bloodstone diminishes over-thinking, dispels confusion, increases mental clarity and enhances decision-making. It also provides motivation and revitalizes the mind and body when one is exhausted.

Bloodstone enhances one to work with creativity, strength, determination and courage - helping to complete the project from idea stage to completion. It also works as an amulet against bullying, whether verbal or physical and guides one to withdraw when appropriate and provides courage to confront when necessary.

All crystals will vary in color and size, created by hand using natural organic earth made crystals. All crystals will be charged and smudge with good intent prior to packaging.

Bloodstone Bracelet 6mm

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