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Botanical Name: Potentilla erecta

Common Names: Five-finger grass


A perennial plant, Cinquefoil is found primarily in dry, arid places in Canada and the United States. Its name Five finger grass comes from the growth pattern of the petioled leaves, which resemble small chubby fingers. The bright yellow flowers appear from April through August.

Cinquefoil was a popular ingredient in magical potions during the Middle Ages, and thought to be especially powerful as a love potion. Fishermen used it in their nets to ensure a good harvest from the sea.

Magic/Occult: Cinquefoil is used in spellcasting for protction and love! The five points of the leaves represent love, money, health, power and wisdom, and if carried, Cinquefoil is said to grant these.


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Cinquefoil (FiveFinger Grass)

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