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Labradorite reminds us of forgotten memories and brings a depth of feeling. It can stimulate imagination and creativity. Labradorite provides us enthusiasm and many new ideas.
Reveals its spiritual effects most noticeably during meditation, especially when laid upon the third eye. When worn, it helps with beneficial transformations in patience and our 'inner knowing' of the right time for action.

Has a special affinity with Sagittarius, Scorpio and Leo, but is beneficial to all signs. It's energy is projective and is generally associated with the waning Moon or Crone aspect in that it provides understanding of others to its user.




This bracelet is beaded handmade with care using with strong elastic stretch cord.
Due to the nature of the stone, the beads vary in colour, patterning and shape making this a unique piece.

Bracelet materials:
- Tiger Eye beads (6 mm, 0.24 inch)
- High quality elastic cord


All crystals will vary in color and size, created by hand using natural organic earth made crystals. All crystals will be charged and smudge with good intent prior to packaging.

Labradorite Bracelet 6mm

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