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Lapis Lazuli in known to bestow wisdom, honesty and reveals our own inner truth. Its blue color relates to water bringing peace, spiritual attainment and serenity. It aids us in being ourselves and liberates us from compromises or holding back. It is one of the stones that can guide you to mental and spiritual purity. It will also assist you in containing conflicts. With Lapis as a guide, you can become more in touch with your essence and play a more active role in the control of your inner environment.To generally increase your physic awareness Lapis would be worn everyday. It is an uplifting, spiritual stone.Has a special affinity with Cancer, Gemini and Aquarius, but benefits all signs. It has a receptive energy, its planet is Venus and its element is water.

The price is for one bracelet.
The bracelet is beaded handmade with care using with strong elastic cord.
Due to the nature of the stone, the beads vary in colour, patterning and shape making this a unique piece.

Bracelet materials:
- Lapis Lazuli beads (8 mm, 0.31 inch)
- High quality elastic cord

All crystals will vary in color and size, created by hand using natural organic earth made crystals. All crystals will be charged and smudge with good intent prior to packaging.

Genuine Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

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