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Discover the pure essence of nature in every jar of Earthtone Boutique's Local Honey Collection. Sourced from the pristine landscapes of our VA Farm, our honey is a testament to the vibrant diversity of flora that thrives in our region. With four distinct varieties to choose from, each spoonful offers a unique journey through the local landscape:


  • Buckwheat Honey: Experience the rich, robust flavor of our Buckwheat Honey, harvested from the nectar of buckwheat blossoms. With its deep amber hue and bold taste, this honey boasts notes of molasses and malty undertones. Perfect for adding depth to your morning tea or drizzling over warm biscuits, Buckwheat Honey is a culinary delight with a distinctive, earthy sweetness.
  • Wildflower Honey: Delight in the diverse bouquet of flavors found in our Wildflower Honey, crafted from the essence of various wildflowers that dot our local landscape. With its golden color and delicate floral aroma, this honey offers a harmonious blend of sweet and floral notes. Enjoy it as a natural sweetener in your favorite recipes or as a spread on toast for a taste of the countryside.

  • Red Clover Honey: Savor the light and delicate flavor of our Red Clover Honey, sourced from the vibrant red clover blossoms that adorn our fields. With its pale amber hue and subtle floral aroma, this honey exudes a gentle sweetness with hints of vanilla and fresh herbs. Drizzle it over yogurt, pair it with cheeses, or simply enjoy it straight from the jar for a taste of pure sweetness.

  • Orange Blossom Honey: Indulge in the citrus-infused goodness of our Orange Blossom Honey, crafted from the fragrant blossoms of orange groves of our grandparent's Florida farm. Radiating with a golden glow and the irresistible scent of orange blossoms, this honey delivers a bright and tangy flavor with citrusy undertones. Use it to sweeten your morning smoothie, glaze grilled chicken, or elevate your favorite desserts with a burst of sunny flavor.

Each of our local honey varieties is a testament to the unique floral sources that grace our surroundings, providing you with a taste of nature's bounty straight from our hives to your table.


Our bees roam freely, foraging from pesticide-free flowers, ensuring that each jar is packed with nothing but the finest quality honey, straight from hive to table.Whether you're a connoisseur seeking exquisite flavors or a health-conscious consumer looking for a natural sweetener, our Local Honey Collection is the perfect choice!

Local Honey

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