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  • Indulge in the epitome of exotic allure with Opulence, our hand-blended perfume that captures the essence of a luxurious tropical escape. Unlike traditional coconut fragrances, this tantalizing scent takes an unexpected twist, embracing the warmth of woody notes.

    Opulence opens with the creamy richness of sandalwood, aromatic cedar, and captivating amyris, transporting you to pristine beaches and lush rainforests, evoking a sense of untamed elegance. As the fragrance unfurls on your skin, the zesty essence of lemon, the subtle spice of clove leaf, and the refreshing touch of eucalyptus intertwine harmoniously with the exotic note of coconut, creating an olfactory symphony that enchants the senses.

    Prepare to embark on a sensorial journey to a world where opulence meets untamed nature, where every breath is infused with the seductive allure of our hand-blended masterpiece. Elevate your fragrance collection with this exquisite creation, designed to evoke the essence of true luxury in every spray.

    Key Features:

    • Top Notes: Lemon, clove leaf, eucalyptus
    • Heart Notes: Coconut, sandalwood, cedar, amyris
    • Base Notes: Woody undertones


    Experience the allure of Opulence and let this fragrance transport you to a world of exotic luxury and natural elegance.


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