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  • Luxe is a decidedly decadent bar of soap made with lashings of orange essential oil and real raw cacao. Reminiscent of everyone's favourite sweet treat but with none of the calories, this is a great bar of soap for the whole family.


    We've balanced the sweetness of orange essential oil with a hint of earthy sandalwood and decendant organic cocoa which gives this a really rounded scent, and we've added three bold colors to give it a fabulous marbled appearance. Raw cacao is used to colour our traditionally-made soap chocolate brown, and ground annatto seeds from the achiote tree gives a fabulous orange color.



    Weight : Each bar is approx. 4oz (113g). Please note that each bar is cut by hand so actual weight may vary slightly.


    To Use : To get the very best from your natural soap, store away from bright light, heat and excessive moisture and always allow it to dry out between uses. this will prolong the life and appearance of your soap ensuring you get the very best from it every time.



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