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Also known as Southern John and Beth Root, Dixie John is the root of a variety of Trillium species. It is most commonly used in works concerning Money, Luck, Lust and Love.To bring in love, make a tea from it and drink it nightly while burning patchouli incense with the root hairs, and come to me oil. The root may be dressed with  Follow Me Boy/Gal or Domme oil and carried wrapped in a piece of cloth or added to a mojo bag. When employed this way it is best to keep it pinned in the underwear or bra. Tie it in a muslin bag and wash it with your sheets to  spread it's  essence  to bring about amazing sex in the bedroom.To get rid of hoes and side pieces, mix the root with the essence of you and your boo. Then burn them to ashes, and use the ashes to mark the corners and center of your bedroom and bed.

Southern John

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