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Prepare to be swept away on a groovy adventure with our handmade soap bar that gives patchouli a playful twist! We've blended the earthy goodness of patchouli with just a touch of geranium to create a scent that even non-patchouli lovers will dig. It's like a patchouli revolution, man! This soap will transport you to a realm of cool vibes and far-out freshness. Embrace your inner flower child as you lather up and let the aromatic symphony take you on a psychedelic journey. So whether you're a patchouli enthusiast or a scent adventurer seeking new thrills, our soap bar will leave you feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to conquer the world with peace, love, and a kick-ass fragrance. It's patchouli, baby, but not as you know it!

Happy Hippie

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