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TIGER'S EYE assists us in getting through difficult times in our lives with courage. It aids in keeping the spark alive of a trust in a greater power that leads us in hard times. Tiger's Eye has a pain relieving effect. It can slow the flow of energy in the body and helps in removing over-stimulation of the nerves or adrenal glands. Tiger's Eye has a special affinity with the Earth Signs. It has a Projective Energy, its Planets are the Sun and the Earth, and its element is fire.


This bracelet is beaded handmade with care using with strong elastic stretch cord.
Due to the nature of the stone, the beads vary in colour, patterning and shape making this a unique piece.

Bracelet materials:
- Tiger Eye beads (8 mm, 0.31 inch)
- High quality elastic cord

Tiger's Eye Bracelet 8mm

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