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Ease nervous anxiety & deescalates stress. Smooth warm taste & floral aroma.

When overwhelmed, relax your mind and body with an herbal blend meant to ease anxiety without the side effects of prescription sedatives. Empower yourself with the power of plants. Perfect for any time you need to relax and take a deep breath. It can help to relieve stress, lessen anxiety, and it's great to have at any time of the day! 



Catnip -  medicinal use as a sedative for over 2,000 years reducing stress.Commonly used in aromatherapy, organic catnip provides a scent that many find calming and relaxing


Lavender - Effective in clearing depression and stress related headaches. Also known as a natural sleep inducer.


Mugwort-Herb for intuition and dreams, clinically shown to affect the pineal gland.


Mullein - An age-old healing agent used by Native Greeks and Native Americans, amongst others. It’s effect is calming and can be used as a sleep aid.


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