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  • What better way to celebrate the holidays and warm up during long winter nights than with a big cup of hot chocolate!

    We created to decendant chocolaty dessert tea blends that are sure to warm up your bones.

    Hot Toddy is definitely here to make our spirits bright. Shui Xian tea with the addition of star anise, cinnamon, lemon peel,orange peel clove, and whole rosehip give this blend its Hot Toddy feel. Now all that is missing is a splash of a good Rye Whisky or age Bourbon to round things

    Roobios tea with rosehips, hibiscus, orange peels,hibiscus, apple, marigold flowers makes this perfect for a cool winter's night. Naturally caffeine-free.

    In this set you receive two hand blended teas, cinnamon stick stirs(3), metal tea infuser, Emerald acre Wild Flower Honey, a festive oversized mug

    Winter Spice Christmas Mug

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