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Essential Oils

  Support Your Body and Mind with Essential Oils

Are you searching for a reliable source for essential oils? Earthtone Boutique maintains a complete inventory of your favorite scents and ensures potency. We look for producers of oils that use organic and natural processes to grow, harvest, and extract the oils, so you receive vials packed with aroma. By inhaling essential oils, the scent travels directly to your brain and triggers a sense of wellbeing. Buy them all and discover how lavender, sandalwood, and jasmine can provide a punch or energy or help you to relax after a trying day at work.

Organic Self Care Products for a Cleaner and Wholesome Life

Indulge in a long hot bath surrounded by aromatic candles, incense, and the scent of your favorite essential oils. In our organic self care products, we also offer spa boxes that make a wonderful gift for your friend or family member looking for a more relaxing evening. Part of ensuring your own happiness is taking the time to let your mind calm and quiet. We also stock crystals to support improved focus during meditation sessions. Fill up your basket and look forward to a healthier future.
Treat Yourself to the Best Holistic Herbs, Teas, and Oils

Once you discover the rich depth of scent in our fragrances and essential oils, you will want to try out our other product lines. Our stillroom produces organic herbal tea blends, powders, and ingredients needed for your healing salves and potions. Add a bracelet of amethyst or malachite to bring color and calming focus to your daily wardrobe. Holistic medicine works best when you bring it into every aspect of your daily life. Clear the air in your room with a quality sage smudge.

Take a few minutes and place your order with Earthtone Boutique today. You will receive your package shortly as we ship all around the world.

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