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Herbal Tea

  An Herbal Tea Shop with Your Health at Heart

There is nothing as soothing as a hot cup of tea. Breathe deep and unleash the power of steaming hot peppermint, turmeric, or Tulsi masala chai. Feel the healing power of Mother Earth work its magic with every sip. Address lingering ailments with herbal teas from Earthtone Boutique. Many of our ingredients and blends are created right here on our farm or sourced from other local producers. You receive the greatest benefit from their natural healing powers.

A Wide Selection of Organic Tea Blends

We never add anything chemical or artificial to our organic tea. Steep an aromatic pot of Rooibos tea or Holy Basil and feel your body relax as you inhale the perfumed steam. We support those practicing many different disciplines from around the world including holistic medicine, meditation, and balancing your chakras. You will find all the herbal teas needed to maintain a clear mind and clean body.

Find the Perfect Leaves for the Perfect Potion

Not only will you discover a wealth of teas in our online store, add your favorite scent to your home and wardrobe using our candles, oils, and incense. Find renewed energy after a hot bath or clean your entire home with one of our smudges. We value every customer and are eager to help you achieve that balance of mind and body you desire. Add some spice to your pot with wild yam root, devil's claw root, or red clover. Create a sachet specially blended for your loved one that contains your signature scent.

Add some of our signature fragrances, soaps, and candles to your order. You will be thrilled with every purchase from Earthtone Boutique and will never need to spend hours searching in local shops again.

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