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Healing Crystals

  Affordable Healing Crystals Delivered to Your Door

Are you in need of an orange agate or black tourmaline but are having difficulty locating one in your nearby shops? Earthtone Boutique is your one stop online store for healing crystals, herbal teas, and soothing incense. Our shelves are stocked with pendants and bracelets so you can keep your crystal near you at all times while also adding a fresh new look to your wardrobe. Best of all, you receive the order at your doorstep, so you can stop wasting time and start healing.

Healing Crystals in all the Colors of the Rainbow

We source all of our affordable healing crystals from dependable and familiar suppliers, so you can buy with complete confidence. Add some earthy and colorful bracelets to your collection in amethyst, malachite, and serpentine. Or opt for some of our natural pendants. No two are alike, as they are harvested from the heart of our Earth, cut, and mounted without use of molds or standard forms. They maintain more of their natural structure to better support your natural energies.

Stock Up Your Medicine Cupboard with One Quick Shop

If you explore all holistic medicine disciplines, you will find everything you need on our pages. From dried cornflowers to marshmallow leaf to chinks of dragon's blood, you will have all the compounds needed to make potions, sachets, and healing teas. We also stock candles, oils, incense, and spa supplies. Clear the air by using our sage, rose, or wild lavender smudges.

There is no need to conduct a meditation session or suffer through a cold without all the right crystals, herbs, and oils needed for a complete recovery. Earthtone Boutique offers shipping around the globe and our secure payment portal ensures you can shop with confidence.

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